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Colorful Bubbles

Have an Oxygen Bar at your Event!

Give your guests the unforgettable experience only an Oxygen Bar can provide! Our team will set up our mobile Oxygen Bars at your event location, and be there to assist your guests and hook them up, answer any questions, pamper them with massagers, and make sure YOUR event is the highlight of the year!

Alexa, Bridal Shower

Having an Oxygen Bar at my bridal shower was the HIT of the party! The girls felt great all afternoon, and no one had a hangover the next day!

Morgan, Graduation

It's hard to find fun things for older kids, so much is geared toward the young kids for parties. Having an oxygen bar was really cool for everyone.

Lisa, Company Party

Oxygen bar at the annual company party has become a tradition! You can't beat the combo of getting pampered, feeling great, AND getting drunk on the company dime at the same time.
Colorful Bubbles

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